What I’ve Learned from Modern Dads

What is particularly interesting is how men have redefined the “Mr. Mom” stigma. Instead of replicating the way their partner would provide care for their children, dads are parenting to their strengths — not to society’s preconceived notions. This is something us moms should note.

Guest Post: Helping Your Daughter Find Her Authentic Self

Girls this age are more likely to compromise their authentic voices, not say what they really want, need or think to be accepted by their peer group.
One psychologist — Dr. JoAnn Deak, author of Girls Will Be Girls, Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters, calls this time in a girl’s life “camouflaging.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. You change who you truly are in order to blend in with those around you. And, like with any good camouflage, you render your true self invisible. As Dr. Deak tells us, camouflaging isn’t all bad. It can provide “an opportunity for self-discovery and growth”. But taken too far, Dr. Deak says a girl can “hide herself not only from others, but ultimately from herself”.

The Tale of Two (Almost) Identical Birth Stories

By the time I got to the end of her piece, I was convinced her vagina was a magical portal. I imagined a place with rainbows and unicorns and babies popping out from ornate tunnels into fields of flowers.

Are You the Mean Mom?

And after-the-fact, whether I am brave, complicit, or a fellow mean-mom, I always find myself overthinking. What should I have done? What could I have said? (And the ever-important question: what in the world are they saying about me behind my back if they are saying that about her?)

How NOT to Raise a Bystander

percent of all bullying events stop when a bystander decides to intervene. Unfortunately, 88 percent of the time bullying happens in front of other kids, but only one in five kids will intervene.

Top 5 Signs You Have a Tween Girl in the House

Tweens, formerly known as pre-teens, are that gnarly group of children that mess with parent’s heads. They are still young enough to be cuddled, snuggled and loved on until they slap you in the face by striving for their independence, talking back and thinking their friends are smarter than you are. Good times.

It’s Just a Dog…

“It’s just a dog,” my colleague said to me eleven years ago as I lamented about how my new puppy was home in her crate more than I wanted. “It’s not like it’s a baby. It will be fine.”

She was the first, but certainly not the last person to say those words to me over the past decade. She was right. She was just a dog.

Saving Your Snark for Something Good

My husband and I were talking the other night how we feel a lot of tension around us lately. People just seem to be getting a little ruder, using a little more crass, being a bit snottier when there really is no reason to be. It’s like snarky is the new black.

Ten Things I’ve Learned from a Decade of Parenting

My twins turn ten this weekend. That means I have a decade of experience in parenting. If I was building my resume, I’d say that makes me an industry expert.

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