The “Firsts” that Come with the Tween Years

As our kids grow, the “firsts” come less frequently and the time stretched between them lengthen. Instead of celebrating a new milestone, the goal becomes surviving another Monday shuttling your kids to piano, soccer, the library and Tae Kwan Do while serving something edible for dinner in a Tupperware container that is BPA-free, of course. #winning.

#1000 Speak: Practicing Compassion to the Cable Guy

This post is part of the #1000Speak movement, where more than 1,000 bloggers will attempt to change the world by writing about compassion.

“Compassion is a verb.”

3 Ways We Bully on Facebook — And Don’t Even Know It

Everyone is somebody’s daughter; everyone is somebody’s son.

My six-year Facebookaversary is coming up soon. Yep, I’ve been wasting time in the black hole of the Internet for nearly 2,000 days and loving every second of it.

Parenting with a Story

Always one to take on a double-dog dare, I sat down with my three girls (twins age 10 and my almost nine year old) separately and read them the piece. I received quite a few giggles, a few nods, and about 25 interruptions asking what certain words meant like trajectory and unfulfilling and diss. In the world of Common Core grading, they didn’t even know what GPA was yet.

Guest Post: Grandma Buried My Barbies!

I was having lunch with a few close girlfriends the other day when the subject of Barbie surfaced. My friend shared the story of how her mom buried her daughter’s Barbies in the backyard.
Yes, I just said that.

To My Daughter, at Halftime

Life is not measured in the amount of likes you get on Instagram, numbers on a scale, or even your GPA. And there isn’t a “thing” you can buy in the world that can fill a void in your soul. Always remember that life is about the impact you have on others, so work on building your brain and growing your heart, and the rest will fall into place.

Why Fourth Grade — and Monica Lewinsky — Are Killing Me

Fourth grade is tough. Intellectually my kids — like most at this age — are advancing rapidly, but even though we’ve had “the talk,” I just don’t know how to discuss Monica Lewinsky with a nine-year old. Sure, I had a myriad of inappropriate jokes and innuendo at my disposal, but none seemed entirely appropriate at the time. But neither did the truth.

Can Positive Intent End the Mommy Wars?

At a macro level, positive intent means that there is always a positive function or purpose for what is currently happening in our lives. For the purpose of this post, positive intent is the belief that negativity often begins in the fabrication of thoughts in one’s own mind, often related to our insecurities. Living with positive intent is taking other people’s actions and words and working under the assumption that the majority of people are kind and are not out to hurt you. Net-net is this: when unsure, always think the best of someone.

When Did Trying to Be a Good Mom Turn Bad?

I remember the moment well.

About four years ago I had invited a little girl over to play with my kids. Her mom dropped her off and we chatted while the kids played and then she told me she’d be back in an hour.

About seven minutes later, apparently our basement full of toys became completely uninteresting, so I was confronted by three little people carrying a science experiment book.

5 Myths of Happy Marriages

That’s why I told my friend that today I am happy in my marriage, and I believe my husband is too. But it isn’t always that way. Over the last 15 years (and the nearly 20 my husband and I have been in a committed relationship) we’ve had some pretty dark times. Times when I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out, times when we could not just agree to disagree, times when we yelled and cried and nearly gave up.

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