Looking for God Winks

I recently wrote a post about how my friend spoke to me from the grave on Facebook. I was a little scared to put it out there. I mean, seriously, it’s a little far-fetched, right?

But it happened, and in my bones I felt like it was a communication, a message, a quick shout out from the beyond.

I was comforted by the fact that so many people had similar experiences to mine and related to my story. The post was widely read and shared by both those I knew and some new readers. And no one called the looney bin on me.

When Your Kid is Friends with a Twin

Having twins isn’t such a big deal anymore. It seems like everywhere you go there is a set of twins or triplets or even quads.

But although there are more of us mothers of multiples, I find that parents of “singletons” still aren’t sure of the rules of friendship.

Stopping Mom Judgment in Its Tracks

As moms, one of the things that rattle our cages the most is the feeling of being judged. Breast feeding, day care, c-sections, co-sleeping, organic, home school — the list of things that start the Mommy Wars goes on and on. I would go so far as to say it is the single pervasive issue that limits Girl Power.

When Your Friend Talks to You from the Grave on Facebook, You Listen

The other night I was up late trying to finish a few blog posts and felt pretty defeated. I was disappointed with my drafts, and just feeling pretty uninspired.

I then tried to work on the young adult novel I wanted to pen, and instead I sat staring at a computer screen with 32 words on it. And they sucked. Every one of them.

Why We All Need Grey Poupon on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. The time for turkey, football and unbuttoning the top of your pants in front of the TV.

It’s the official kick-off for the holiday season. The time when you get together with your those you love for awkward family moments, just as our forefathers most likely had with the Native Americans centuries ago.

What I’ve Learned from Modern Dads

What is particularly interesting is how men have redefined the “Mr. Mom” stigma. Instead of replicating the way their partner would provide care for their children, dads are parenting to their strengths — not to society’s preconceived notions. This is something us moms should note.

Guest Post: Helping Your Daughter Find Her Authentic Self

Girls this age are more likely to compromise their authentic voices, not say what they really want, need or think to be accepted by their peer group.
One psychologist — Dr. JoAnn Deak, author of Girls Will Be Girls, Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters, calls this time in a girl’s life “camouflaging.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. You change who you truly are in order to blend in with those around you. And, like with any good camouflage, you render your true self invisible. As Dr. Deak tells us, camouflaging isn’t all bad. It can provide “an opportunity for self-discovery and growth”. But taken too far, Dr. Deak says a girl can “hide herself not only from others, but ultimately from herself”.

The Tale of Two (Almost) Identical Birth Stories

By the time I got to the end of her piece, I was convinced her vagina was a magical portal. I imagined a place with rainbows and unicorns and babies popping out from ornate tunnels into fields of flowers.

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