Five Ways I Made My Daughters Cry in One Day

For as long as I have had children, people have commented about the hormones that were one day going to invade my home. I have always laughed it off, because it seemed so very far off in the distance. And although I listened to other parents talk about how at age nine their daughters started to change…a little bit more attitude, a little bit more tears, a little more moody — I didn’t take it very seriously.

Five Talks You Should Have with Your Child Before Kindergarten

we live in a dangerous world, and even the most protected kids should know the basics of safety — and more importantly, what they should do when they encounter a bad situation.

Most safety information available is geared towards kids ages five and up, but experts agree you should start discussing safety issues as early as pre-school. Yes, pre-school. Even if you are the only care taker, even if you are constantly with your child, even if you don’t think it can happen to you. Unless you plan to live in a bubble, you should at least address the basics.

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

As parents, how often do we express gratitude for our lives? The crazy, manic, over-scheduled messiness that comes with being a working mom, dad who travels too much, exhausted stay-at-home mother of multiples and everything in between.

We hear it all the time when we hear of tragedies. I do it myself. “I am just thankful for my children’s health” or “I am so grateful my spouse has a job.” But developing an attitude of gratitude…a constant stream of appreciation for the life you have. Now that’s pretty powerful.

When You’re All Alone, Do You Like Your Body Image?

I watched Colbie Calliat’s amazing new video Try over the weekend. It literally brought me to tears. I immediately showed it to my three daughters, followed by this video from last year which shows an average-sized woman getting photo-shopped into a model. It was time to teach them about the real world.

How To Keep Your Long-Distance Friendships Hot

I have a lot of BFFs (or what some on my Facebook page have deemed “breasties”.) Some of them I’ve known since my teens and some more recently in my Mommy years, and I love them all.

But unfortunately, I move around. A lot. Or they get married and start a life somewhere besides where we went to college (I know, shocking.)

Celebrating my Independence

It’s Independence Day, which has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the history, the celebration of our great nation, fireworks and Pinterest-inspired parties.

And today, independence — freedom from the control of others — means a little more to me. Today, I also celebrate my independence, my pursuit of happiness, my destiny. It’s been six months since I decided to leave my public relations clients and focus full-time on becoming a writer. Yes, liking it to our fore fathers may be a bit of a stretch, but for me, it’s very real.

Can I Be a Feminist?

I spent the weekend with some beautiful women. They were intelligent (like getting-into-the-best-business-school-in-the-country smart), driven (like being one of only a small group of women in their industry) and engaged (like being a member of the Peace Corps and a senior-level executive in the federal government.) Despite being heavy hitters in their fields, they embraced my lowly but admired profession of a blogger covering the wine-drinking and play date scene.

What I enjoyed the most about the weekend were the thought-provoking discussions. We talked about career management, the difficulties of being a working mom, strengthening our marriages and our ongoing fight against wrinkles.

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