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I have always wanted to be “that” mom. The one who holds successful garage sales while their kids manage a lemonade stand out front that donates money to a great charity. The one who paid for their family vacation by selling all their used baby gear. The one who makes room for all the new toys at Christmas by selling the old ones.

Unfortunately, I am that “other” mom. The one that still has baby clothes from eight years ago. The one that hoards toys because I know we barely used them and I should probably get a little green for it. The one who has bins of clothes scattered throughout the house that no longer fit my children.

I tried participating in consignment sales, but it was a lot of effort for little return. Hours of sorting, hanging and pricing, in addition to working at the sale. Then you have to deal with the stuff that did not sell because I didn’t see the small stain on the inside cuff of a jacket or because it fell on the floor during the initial mad rush. Not to mention that they usually only occur once or twice a year, so you are stuck holding onto stuff way longer than you want to keep it.

Sorting through clothes. One of my least favorite activities.

Sorting through clothes. One of my least favorite activities.

I tried to sell some clothes and toys at a garage sale once, but I hated the haggling. Did I really have to knock a quarter off an item that was priced at sevety-five cents?

And then I tried eBay. But the process of taking and uploading the photos, writing descriptions, and finding time to get to the post office was just not happening. Who has time to do that if it’s not your full time business?

So that’s why I’m super excited to try out, an online baby and kids consignment shop for clothes, baby gear, toys and games, movies, video games and maternity clothes. I believe sharing is caring, and I know a lot of my friends take enormous times trying to unload their kids’ stuff, and this may be an easy answer.

According to the company, it is an online consignment model. The items are owned and priced by the customers, but the inspection, quality grading, photography, storage and shipping of the items is handled by It has more than 50,000 pre-owned items in its inventory and the buying experience is similar to Amazon — you add the items from various sellers to the shopping cart and checkout. ships them to customers within one business day. The prices on are 50-95% off retail prices making the items great bargains. First time customers also get a free shipping and over $50 orders always ship free.

What I like about it is they do all the heavy lifting, which means I may actually get rid of this year’s out grown clothes before my kids graduate from high school. Talk about an achievement!

I checked out’s inventory and it looks like they have some great stuff. I have my eyes on a pair of pink crocs, a new with tags Gymboree bathing suit and a North Face jacket (obviously for next winter) but I’ve promised myself I won’t buy before unloading some of our outgrown stuff. We’ll have to see if that happens!

How do you get rid of your kid’s old stuff?

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