Dear Mom:

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to turn me into a bale of hay so I could win the costume contest for Halloween. For letting me have pool parties, roller skate parties and slumber parties. For letting me chase my brother on my very own BMX bike before taking me to dance lessons. For letting me read in my closet when I should have been sleeping, and punishing me when I got caught taking money out of the neighbor’s mail box. For buying me the Barbie Dream Stage, new skis, a Coca Cola rugby shirt and two different LeSport Sac purses (one in beige and one in navy). And for not buying me the red one just because I saw someone else had it.

Thanks for loving me when I was awful to you, like when at age 13 I wrote that you embarrassed me. For taking me shopping just so we could talk. For always telling me I was beautiful, smart and could do anything. And for throwing my shoes at me when I didn’t clean up my room — again.

Thank you for being one of the only parents to enforce a curfew, but letting me sit outside in our driveway till all hours of the night with my friends. For ensuring I earned good grades, paid for my own car insurance and always spent some time with my older relatives. For grounding me when I did something stupid and standing by me when I had to make tough choices. For going back to school just so you could get a better job to pay for my extra curricular activities, like cheerleading and sorority dues.

My mom, me and four of her six granddaughters.

My mom, me and four of her six granddaughters.

Thank you for giving me more — more love, more grace, more things — than you were offered as a child. For showing me how to handle insurmountable losses with dignity and strength. For telling me that life can be hard, but someone else always has it harder. For always giving: a meal, a place to stay, a dollar. For being strong during our family’s darkest times and the light in all our childhood memories. For taking care of Dad, without a single complaint, as he slowly disintegrated into a shadow of the man you married. For giving up your life to take care of me and my family when we needed you most.

Thank you for always doing the dishes, the laundry and the floors when you visit. For getting teary at the girls’ Christmas performance and laughing at their jokes. For talking to me on the phone nearly every day — or sometimes multiple times — just so I can tell you about something funny the kids said. And for buying my husband tidy whiteys for Christmas.

Thank you for never forgetting a birthday and still making me wonder about Santa. For cooking my favorites, no matter what my age. For spoiling all your grandkids and constantly bragging about them to anyone who will listen. For encouraging me to follow my dreams, and rooting me on every step of the way.

Thank you for telling me I’m a good mom, which is the best compliment I have ever received.

And thank you for being an extraordinary mother, while teaching me what you do is actually quite ordinary. Ordinary for any mom who loves their children.

You have made the ordinary, extraordinary. Thank you, Mom.

All my love,


Happy Mother’s Day to any woman who takes care of others. It is the most important sisterhood on the planet. Let’s celebrate it by being kind — to ourselves and each other. Raising my glass to the Moms on Sunday!

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