I’ve been struggling lately. The way I parented my “little girls” does not seem to be working with my tween-agers. I’ve used every tool in my toolbox, and I often still come up short of feeling like I know what I’m doing.

The other day I hit a low point. I debated whether to write about it or not — and I almost hit delete a few times after I put it all on paper. But, sometimes if you take a hard look at yourself when you’re at your worst, you can get back to (trying to) be your best.

I’m up at Her View from Home today sharing my dark moments in parenting, and discussing how you can’t un-crack an egg.

My hands wrap tighter around the steering wheel of the silver minivan, and I feel my body steel like armor, attempting to protect itself from the barbs coming from the back seat.

I remind myself not to engage. She’s tired, you’re tired. Hormones, definitely for her, possibly for me, are invading this conversation that is starting to take a nosedive.

The familiar feeling of frustration spreads throughout my body as I listen to my daughter complain. I try to control my temper as she tells me she forgot something at school again. She snaps nastily when I ask if she finished something at home, admonishing me for not trusting her.

I don’t like the words I am hearing, nor the attitude that drips into every conversation, no matter how innocuous the subject matter. I worry about the person she is becoming, wonder where I went wrong…..to read more, click here.

Cracked Eggs And Traffic Lights: Parenting Through The Tough Moments



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