Top 10 Signs You are a Mom On a Girls Weekend

I’m guest blogging on Mom Meet Mom today, a great site that connects like-minded moms with each other. Once you sign up, you can meet moms, find playdates for kids, and get the support you need. They use an exclusive matching system designed just for Mom Meet Mom to help you find local moms with similar interests, schedules, families, and personalities.

And the founders are fun! After reading my posts about 5 Signs You’re in Need of a Girls Weekend and 5 Signs You Have a Girls Weekend Coming Up, they asked if I could close out the series with Top 10 Signs You are a Mom on a Girls Weekend. I had a lot of fodder from the fabulous girls weekend I just went on, so of course I said yes! You can read the blog here, or it’s also posted below.

I just returned from a girls weekend to celebrate my dear friend’s 40th birthday. It was fantastic. She somehow assembled an amazing group of ladies from the different stages of her life ranging from her college sorority sisters to business contacts she had turned into good friends.

Although all of us were very different, we shared the common bond of motherhood. Each of us could relate to the challenges of raising a child, whether it was: “Should I send my daughter to private high school?” or “When do I wean my son from the boob?”

We all needed a break, just like I believe all mothers do. Time to worry less about everyone else and more about enjoying life. Some of us needed a break from being a working mom and the pressures of juggling a career, a marriage and a family. And some of us needed a break from being around our kids so much that we forgot what it was like to wear real clothes.

Girls weekends give moms the opportunity to recharge and remember what their life was like B.C. (before children.) It is not about what you do, where you go, or what you spend. The important thing is to get away from the rut that can be parenting and connect with the people who know what it’s like to be in the trenches.

I like to believe I am a subject matter expert on girls weekends (check out my blog post on Five Signs You Need a Girls Weekend here or Five Signs You Have a Girls Weekend Coming Up here). No, I am not off galavanting every weekend, but I have been able to spend alone-time with my friends a few times a year. Sometimes, when my kids were younger, it was just a few hours; this last trip was a beautiful three and one half days in glorious Boston.

And although I came back feeling exhausted, with aching feet from dancing the night away, I now feel ready to take on the end of school craziness and the summer months with my kids. My husband did great shuttling them to all their activities, and I think it gives him a better perspective of what my life is like on a daily basis. My kids were bursting at the seams to see me and share all their adventures over the weekend. I think we were all the better for it (or at least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself!).

So, although there is an unspoken rule that what happens on girls weekends, stays on girls weekends, I did want to share my “Top Ten Ways You Know You Are a Mom On a Girls Weekend.” I normally write Top Five lists, but there were just too many to narrow it down.

Let’s just say that I am going to use the same disclaimer as the Law & Order episodes: “Although inspired in part by a true incident, the following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.” Yeah, let’s just leave it at that.

So here it is – Top 10 Signs You are a Mom on a Girls Weekend

  1. A Liquid Lunch has nothing to do with breastfeeding.
  2. After one cocktail and a Maki Roll you decide to lose your Spanx. You need two of your girlfriends to actually get you out of them in the restaurant bathroom.
  3. You log a night of dancing in a club as activity points into Weight Watchers.
  4. When mentioning you think you are about to get a blister, five different character-themed bandaids are thrust at you.
  5. When a fight breaks out in a bar, it initiates a discussion about time outs versus positive parenting.
  6. When you get “hit on” by a guy, you actually text your husband to tell him you still got it.
  7. The only time the discussion gets heated is when debating whose labor/delivery was worse.
  8. When the cabbie slams on the brakes, your hand goes out to protect the other passengers.
  9. When someone wets their pants, you know it was because they were laughing too hard, not because they refused to go on the potty.
  10. You wipe off the table with a Wet Ones before dancing on top of it.

Whitney Fleming has nearly ten years of parenting experience, 15 years of public relations and marketing experience, and almost 20 years of wine drinking experience. This make her extremely qualified to write a blog about family, relationships, and getting through this thing called life. To read more from her, please visit her blog at


Five Signs You Need a Girls Weekend

It is that time of the year for me. The time when I eagerly count off days with a giant red marker on the calendar. The time when I have a little bit more of a spring in my step. The time when I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, my friends, I have a Girls Weekend coming up.

Keep Calm and GIRLS WEEKEND Poster

This year’s trip is a little bit sweeter than others for a variety of reasons. First, I have been holed up in my house for months due to the three Vs: vortex, vomiting and viruses. Second, I recently moved, so I have not been getting as much girl-time as I normally do, and I feel deprived. And lastly, I have not had a proper girls’ weekend for two full years (granted, I went to Italy, but that was with a boy….just not the same.)

I think Girls Weekends (or at the minimum multiple Girls Nights Out) are the most important thing moms can do to be better moms. Seriously. I am not kidding.

When someone whose children are in high school tells me that they have never been on a girls’ trip, it blows my mind. How is that even possible?

And then I usually list all the reasons why I think they are so important, including (but not limited to):

  • Laughing so hard that someone wets their pants because of their bladder control issues from natural child-birth
  • Having the ability to shut the bathroom door in your hotel room and no one actually barging in mid-stream to ask if they can play the iPad
  • Staying up all night, but not because someone is vomiting
  • Ordering that extra fruity drink because you’re not worried your child will wake you up at 6:30 a.m. asking for breakfast
  • Dressing up for a night out without worrying your white pants may get a chocolate hand print on your bottom before you leave and don’t realize it (um, not that this has ever happened to me.)

Yes, it can be hard to leave your kids. Yes, it is hard to trust anyone, nonetheless the man who is supposed to be the other half of your parenting team or a grandparent who raised kids without iPads, to care for your children. And yes, as a working mom you may feel enormous guilt because you think you don’t spend enough time with your kids.

But if you are not getting away because of the reasons above, you’re just plain wrong.

In all honesty, though, Girls Weekends give moms the opportunity to recharge and remember what their life was like B.C. (before children.) It is not about what you do, where you go, or what you spend. The important thing is to get away from the rut that can be parenting and connect with the people who know what it’s like to be in the trenches.

By getting a little piece of yourself back — even for just 48 hours — it’s easier to give your energy to your family again. And doesn’t that make us all a little better at what we do?

So, do you need a girls weekend? Here’s five signs you may need to book one stat!

5. You hear the music from Frozen and your eye starts twitching. You may also start experiencing instant heartburn.

4. You are stepping on Lego pieces in the middle of the night and not even feeling the pain.

3. You yelled at the invisible waiter at your daughter’s tea party because he didn’t get your order right.

2. You actually understand what Minecraft is about.

1. The last time you “got away” was when you locked yourself in the bathroom with a cocktail and People magazine’s Sexiest Man issue.

How many hours until my Girls Weekend starts? 834. But who’s counting?

Have you been able to get away for a girls weekend? Why do you think it’s important?